Chemical-free disinfection.

UV light is nonionizing short wavelength radiation (between 4 nm and 400 nm) that is used to sterilize surfaces, such as the work areas of transfer hoods used for inoculating cultures.

Why is UV light harmful to bacteria?

UV light kills most bacteria due to its mutagenic properties.

Chemical-free UV Disinfection is Ideal for Hospitals, Hotels, Nursing Homes, Party Centers, Coneret Halls, Arenas, Theaters and much more. Fast & Effective. Get A Demo. We provide quality Disinfection Technology. .

Medical ultraviolet sterilization robot with 180W power has the characteristics of fast sterilization, high efficiency, wide range, thoroughness, and no secondary pollution. Robot disinfection is used to replace labor in special periods to reduce the risk of cross-infection of personne.


UVC is very effective against COVID and other viruses and bacteria.



Sword No.3 UVC disinfection robot is a fully autonomous ultraviolet disinfection robot, UV lamp output power reach up to 180W, High efficiency robot sterilizer, 360┬░sterilization, disinfection route intelligent control, Support trajectory and speed (0.2m/s~0.8m/s) remote control, autonomous Flexible, support autonomous navigation, automatic return to charging and automatic obstacle avoidance, it can 7*24 hours of uninterrupted working and can be timed and fixed-point killing, Sword 3 applicable to factories, office places, shopping mall and other public places, only indoor applications.  


8000+hours long life

Philips UV lamps tube can lasting more than 8000 hours

Large radiation area

The disinfection area is 113 square meters, high energy radiation disinfection, and 

higher disinfection efficiency

180W high power UV lamp

6 PHILIPS TUV UV lamps, lamp power 30W/psc, output power reach up to 180W

Through the laser radar sensor, it can automatically sense the surrounding obstacles, independently plan the direction of travel, avoid the damage caused by collision, and make the operation more stable