We are Electric Vehicle Consultants.

Electric Vehicles EV's and plug-in hybrid vehicles are relatively new on the market and the fact that they use electricity to propel themselves means a new infrastructure has been put into place, one which you are familiar with.

To the all-electric vehicle, you must understand the differences and locations of where you can recharge your vehicle.

There are three places where it's possible to charge, the three different levels of charging available in North America, fast charging superchargers charging times, and connectors. You also discover an essential tool for public charging, and useful links to answer all of your questions.

Home Charging

Public Charging

Charging at Work

Let us help you find the best solution for your EV fleet or personal ownership.

Electric vehicles are fast becoming the future of personal and commercial transportation. Understanding the complexities of owning an electric vehicle and providing commercial and private access to vehicle charging is a challenge.

We at NexGen help you navigate the new direction that transportation is taking. EV ownership and charging encompasses a wide array of tasks since every EV infrastructure project is unique we have the expertise to help you make the right decisions

There are many decisions to be made when you choose to install EV chargers, and management software, if desired.  We help make the process efficient and smooth.

EV charger installations can be frustrating, with many questions and options, and state and municipal regulations difficult to maneuver. You can count on our experienced team to deliver results.

We offer consultation services that cover every aspect of a successful Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) deployment.

Our consulting and project management services for Level 2 and DC Fast Charger installations include the following services deployed as desired for your project.

  • RFI/RFP Preparation and Management
  • Site Selection
  • Architectural and Engineering Management
  • Site Visits
  • Feasibility Studies to Determine the Best Options
  • Resilient, Sustainable EV Charging Solutions to Address Existing Needs and Growth Scenarios
  • Approvals and Permitting (Planning, Building, and Utility)
  • ADA Compliance Planning if Needed
  • Rebate Research to Determine Programs and Eligibility
  • Equipment and Networking Selection
  • Power Management Systems
  • Metering and Data Collection/Management
  • EVSE Communication
  • Architectural and Engineering Management


We are certified ChartPoint Installers. the largest EV charging company worldwide.