The call for “diversity” is being heard around the country a lot lately, and minorities and women in the workplace are adding their voices. The problems faced by today’s organizations have become so complex that a diverse range of skills and backgrounds is needed to solve them. After all, no one can possibly be good at everything. No two people will ever arrive at exactly the same solution. And there’s anamazingsynergy that arises when we join forces with others.

One hazard in these discussions, however, as theNew York Timesrecently wrote, is that the word “diversity” has become both euphemism and cliché. Too often it’s used as a convenient shorthand that gestures towards inclusivity and representation without actually changing anything about the workplace culture. Where women in the workplace are concerned, a culture that includes and respects gender and ethnic and cultural diversity is essential for us to demonstrate our value to our organizations. The ability to collaborate in work groups that welcome every individual is crucial for success in the global economy, and we need women from all walks of life to take the lead in making this happen.

True diversity flowers in a culture of inclusion that embraces and celebrates differences. As I recently read in theLos Angeles Times,“Diversity is a goal worth striving for. It makes companies smarter, it makes them more sensitive to the needs of a diverse customer base, and it’s the right thing to do.”
Of course it’s the right thing to do! Recruiting and retaining a diverse, inclusive group of employees lets your company reflect the world around you and makes your team better able to develop fresh ideas that will meet customer needs. Teams that include workers from different backgrounds and experiences can come up with more creative ideas and methods of solving problems. Harvard Business School professor Roy Y.J. Chua writes that the more a network includes individuals from different cultural backgrounds, the more a group will be exposed to – and creatively stimulated by – different ideas and perspectives.

This happens all the time in groups of women. We are hardwired to connect, to share ideas, to combine resources, and yes, to change the world. When you bring together a diverse group of women, magic happens. We’re influenced by each other’s take on things, and new ideas begin to evolve. We draw from each other’s energy. Something entirely new is born, and it’s often far greater than anything one person could have come up with alone.

Diversity is key when it comes to successful collaboration. A group in which every member has the same background, experience and perspective is unlikely to come up with anything new. The world — and your workplace — are full of all kinds of women and men at all levels of authority with whom you might mesh perfectly. So gather what Gloria Feldt calls your sister courage and reach out. If you want to collaborate with a thought leader or C-suite resident, just ask. I am usually pleasantly surprised by how willing women and men are to share ideas, best practices, advice, and support—even with so-called competitors. And truly, that’s one of the things I love most about working with women from all walks of life – there really is a sisterhood that supersedes making money and getting ahead. Women who have achieved success remember who helped them, and they know how much it means to help their sisters get a leg up.

Over the course of human history, many wise people have observed that we become like the people we spend the most time with. Seek out and work with as many diverse, smart, talented, passionate women as possible. The world needs us! And in order to truly have an impact, we must cherish our differences and support all Leading Women. Together, we have the power to change our lives, our industries, our communities, and our world!

Diversity and Inclustion 2

Diversity and inclusion is clearly emerging as a competitive differentiator, yet only about 10% of organizations are truly inclusive.

SMG has teamed up with leading experts and institutions to provide a comprehensive approach to the recruiting and developing of a diverse, inclusive, and culturally competent workforce.

We offer a wide range of diversity and inclusion solutions, including:

  • D& I Recruiting System
  • Recruiter and Employee Assessment Profiles
  • D&I Training and Workshops
  • Organizational Diagnostics and Assessment Tools


Diversity and Inclusion Recruiting System

  • Source
  • Screen
  • Select
  • Hire
  • Train

a diverse, inclusive, high performing work force.

Our recruiting system allows an organization to immediately implement a best practices D&I recruiting strategy.


Recruiter Assessments

The assessments determine a candidate’s potential to be either a high performing corporate or independent recruiter as well as diversity of thought, self-awareness of potential biases, attitudes toward cultural differences, respect for diversity, and discrimination.

Employee Assessments

SMG has developed several proprietary, normative selection tools for most positions in an organization, including service, sales, supervisors, managers, and leaders. To help build a diverse and inclusive workforce, SMG can add the D&I component to all existing Assessments. These Assessments help recruit and develop a high performing, diverse, and inclusive work force.


Diversity Recruiting Certification Workshop

Research shows that highly diverse teams outperform non-diverse teams.

Investing in diversity and inclusion can help your business improve employee engagement, innovation, and productivity.

Our workshop trains recruiters to source and assess candidates to build a diverse workforce and build diverse pipelines to create a solid succession planning system.

In addition to the workshop itself, this program includes:

  • A cultural competence assessment
  • D&I toolkit
  • A personalized implementation action plan for each topic area


Talent & Inclusion Champion 360

Talent & Inclusion Champion 360 is a new generation 360 assessment tool that enables you to assess and then create an action plan to realize the business case for talent, diversity and inclusion.

Click here to learn more about the Talent & Inclusion Champion 360.

Inclusive Manager 360

Building an inclusive culture becomes a reality with managers on the front lines.

Managers play a critical role in building inclusive and engaged teams that build competitive edge for the organization. Learn more about how to prepare your managers to build inclusive teams.

Click here to learn more about the Inclusive Manager 360.

Diversity and Inclusion Corporate Diagnostics

SMG has created a D&I organizational effectiveness survey to assess both the diversity and inclusivity of the existing human resources. This provides the leadership team with a corporate snapshot to identify corporate strengths and growth opportunities. The power of our corporate diagnostics provides the foundation for an integrated recruiting, succession, training and strategic planning system.

Client Testimonial

“Did you see the magic in the room?” was the question I was asked after one of our full management team sessions withGlem Dias.The answer is a resounding yes. Glem has provided leadership and guidance to support the Canadian Mental Health Association York Region and South Simcoe Branch to be the most culturally competent team in our area.

Through a comprehensive process that included the audit, policy review, robust strategy, and support through execution our branch is confident and prepared to reach our goal of going from good to great. Not only has Glem provided us with the training on shaping and building high performing and inclusive teams, but is coaching us individually as leaders and creating cultural competency champions throughout all levels of the organization. It may not be magic, based on Glem’s years of experience and insights that he shares, but results are truly transformational.