The unprecedented rate of advances in automation technology during the last decade has spurred intense debates about the future of globalization, labour and society at large. The rise of industrial and service robots is central to this discussion. Unlike the textile machinery destroyed by the Luddites in the 19th century, modern robots are (re)programmable, multipurpose and increasingly capable of performing a range of tasks without human intervention. Equipped with artificial intelligence, robots are expected to assume a major role in the work environment beyond the traditional factory setting.

Robotics integration is installing robotic systems in strategic areas to perform automated tasks. We are Robotics system integrators, NexGen analyzes your manufacturing or production warehouse,  to get and indept understading of your material or product handling, shipping, or inspection lines. We determine which areas could be improved by installing  automation technology in those areas.

We provide robotic or other automated solutions that enable your operation to produce efficiently now and into the future.