The newly designed robot chassis incorporates a number of high-tech technologies. Fully open SDK, maximum support for users of the secondary development. Combined with laser radar and visual positioning, the robot chassis realizes the indoor navigation technology of intelligent mapping. Approximately 40,000 square meters of construction plans are supported. Based on the advanced technology of the chassis, users can make full use of the chassis for independent secondary development and design. The load-bearing range of robot is about 60kg. It has highly sensitive obstacle avoidance function and autonomous charging function. SDK educe enterprise R&D investment costs, and shorten product development cycle.



You can customize the target location on the navigation map interface, and the robot will automatically plan the optimal route. laser SLAM+V-SLAM fusion technology, more accurate positioning. The combination of laser radar and visual positioning makes positioning more accurate.

Global unique remote and convenient deployment capability.

Remotely build indoor maps of robots, visualize virtual wall settings, convenient and efficient.

Through the cloud service platform, the robot is connected and controlled remotely, and the navigation map is constructed visually throughout the process, reducing the response time of operation and maintenance services, allowing the robot to be put into use in a shorter time, saving time and cost.

Applicable scene

1.Subway stations, high-speed rail stations, airports, customs ports.

2.Hospitals, Banks, Government Halls, Restaurants, Shopping Malls

3.Logistics, Warehousing, Factory, Workshop

4.School, Restaurant,

5.Building hall and Exhibition Center,



Open SDK platform

Open platform, providing application development and SDK access.

Cloud deployment

Start remote debugging mode locally and build indoor navigation map.

Automatic return to charging

If the battery is below the minimum value, it will automatically return to the charging station for charging.

Reduce costs

Shorten product development cycle and reduce enterprise R & D investment cost.

Remote navigation deployment

Build navigation maps remotely, saving time and efficiency, convenient and fast.

Autonomous obstacle avoidance

Multi-sensor collision avoidance and obstacle avoidance system.